Action Camera OlympusTG-Tracker

699,00 лв.
  • Brand: Olympus
  • Cat No: Tg-0200

Action Camera OlympusTG-Tracker - the ultimate in toughness. For any challenge.

  • Advanced Tough Performance
  • Field Sensor System
  • 4K Video with ultra wide-angle lens


The new TG-Tracker has what it takes to hit the ground running. Literally. This camera is ready to record in the harshest environments without added protection. It is shockproof to a height of 2.1 metres***, crushproof to a weight of 100kg****, dustproof, freezeproof down to -10°C and waterproof down to 30 metres** below sea level.


In addition to Olympus image quality and its wide-angle, hand-held framing flexibility, it also has another dimension that makes sure it stands out among other outdoor still and video cameras: its five sensors. Unlike products with regular geotagging, the TG-Tracker can sense acceleration, altitude or depth and temperature as well as direction of movement – in addition to latitude and longitude.


This gives extreme sports enthusiasts a much fuller picture of where they were, what was happening and how they were performing at the moment any given image was captured. The TG-Tracker lets owners focus on the immediate challenge and thrill, while it is capturing all the key data. By showing images and details in context in the new Olympus Image Track App (OI.Track) – such as where a photo was taken on a realistic depth/time profile of a scuba dive – five-sensor tracking makes re-viewing and sharing extreme activities all the more fascinating, and more intense.

 Its ultra-wide lens captures a 204° field of view that often reveals peripheral details the owner cannot even have seen and 4K video, powered by the same TruePic VII image processor found in several high-end Olympus interchangeable-lens cameras.



“Perfect for any action, no matter how tough”

Tackle the mountain, show the wave you've got what it takes, give the slope what it's asking for … Tough enough for any challenge, the TG-Tracker is a robust, easy to handle action camera that brings you brilliant movies and stills in the harshest conditions.


“It's like reliving the cool moves all over again”

4K movie, powerful image processor, 5-axis image stabilisation and an ultra-wide angle lens are just some of the capabilities that will help you capture the action. The TG-Tracker delivers exceptional movie performance without complex controls, so you can concentrate on capturing the experience.


“A great way to record and review performance”

The TG-Tracker logs your performance and tracks your adventures, providing you with a true feeling of achievement. Detailed logging gives you an in-depth view of key data, enabling you to improve further with the OLYMPUS Field Sensor System.






Tough performance

Waterproof to 30m, freezeproof to –10°C, shockproof to 2.1m, crushproof to 100kg and dustproof – the new
TG-Tracker is built to relish whatever challenge you face. A sophisticated inner and outer chassis and the renowned OLYMPUS sealing system deliver impressive tough, waterproof performance.


Field Sensor System

Five-sensor tracking in a fully tough video and still camera captures everything you see and records everything you feel! GPS, compass, acceleration sensor, barometer and thermometer track the action, making your adventures even more memorable. Ideal for recording personal performance during challenging outdoor activities.


Shoot, track and show

Transfer your images or video clips, and log their data, to your smartphone and the OI.Track App. Check your progress and skill development at a glance, with switchable views between the various log data matched to your stills and clips. With the free OI.Share App, you can then easily import your adventure shots to your mobile device for showing off on social sites. Or use the device as a remote for controlling the TG-Tracker’s settings and shooting.


4K & ultra-wide lens

4K movie capability and ultra-wide lens capture the whole scene of the action in super-sharp detail. The ultra-wide lens with a full 204° angle of view vividly lets you relive the experience.





        5-axis IS

TG-Tracker boasts the impressive 5-axis IS (image stabilisation) system to compensate for every kind of blurring. Perfect for super smooth movies no matter how bumpy the ride.


         Flip-out 1.5" LCD

The 1.5" colour LCD with 115,200 dots puts you in the picture when you shoot and play back. Flip out the LCD screen – whatever the action!


   4K Movie

Shoot 4K movies with the
TG-Tracker and experience renowned OLYMPUS image processing technology, delivering vivid stills and movies rich in detail and low in noise.


Powerful Headlight

High-intensity headlight on board for tough lighting situations. Up to 60 lumen lighten the dark at a distance of 3.5m for a max. of one minute. The quick-action operation lets you swiftly illuminate subjects to give your shots a sense of realism.


  Time-Lapse Movie

With the Time-Lapse Movie mode, you can catch sunrises, changing weather or unique action sequences as movies with a special time-lapse effect. Also great for showing online.



 Loop recording

Loop recording lets you record movies all the way until your memory card is full or the battery is flat. Each file is a full 29 minutes, making file handling easy for any search and editing tasks after recording.


   Underwater Detector

TG-Tracker automatically senses when you are under water. At a water depth below 50cm, the camera switches to the optimal mode for shooting underwater – so you can fully concentrate on your once-in-a-lifetime diving experience.


  Long-lasting battery

The high-capacity, long-lasting lithium-ion battery gives impressive continuous movie recording capability.


  Handgrip & adapter

The Steady Grip helps you catch your subject from every angle, even in extremely active situations. The Mount Coupling adapter also enables the attachment of third-party accessories for unlimited options.







Waterproofness  - 30m

Shockproofnes - 2.1m

Freezeproofness  -  -10°c

Crushproofness - 100kg



Image sensor

1/2.3" cmos with effective 7.2 megapixels

Primary color filter (rgb)



13.9mm focal length (equiv. 35mm)

204° diagonal angle of view



3.8cm/1.5" 115,200 dot lcd

Aspect ratio 4:3


Movie recording system

4k ultra hd 30p movie

1080 full hd 60p/30p Movie

720 HD 240p/120p/60p/30p Movie


Movie recording method

MOV/H-264 Codec


Field sensor system

GPS, Electronic Compass, Accelerometer, Thermometer, Manometer




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