Information under Art. 112-115 of the CPA

Information under Art. 112-115 of the CPA

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In order to have clear policy, 100% guaranteed security of purchase, best client experience and service to our clients, we publish a part of the Consumer Protection Act / Law on Consumer Protection including the conditions for return and replacement of goods, according to Art. 112-115 of the CPA


  112. (1)In case where the received item is not the ordered item of the contract of sale, the customer is entitled to claim the item by requiring the seller change the item according to concluded sales contract. In this case, the consumer may choose between repairing the goods or replacing them with a new one, unless this is impossible or the remedy chosen by him is disproportionate to the other.

(2)It is considered that  Indemnifying of the customer is disproportionate if its use imposes costs on the seller which are unreasonable in comparison with the other way of compensation, taking into account:


1. The value of customer`s item/s if there was no lack of discrepancy; 

2. The significance of the discrepancy;

3. The opportunity to offer the customer another form of compensation which will  will not inconvenience him.    

113. (1) Alignment of the customer goods in accordance with the sales contract must take place within one month of the consumer having lodged the claim.

(2) After the expiration of the term under para.1 the customer has the right to cancel the contract and to receive refund the amount paid or to demand reduction of the customer`s item price according to Art. 114.

(3) Making the customer goods in accordance with the sales contract is free of charge to the customer. He does not owe any cost to deliver of customer goods or materials or labor related to repair, and should not suffer any significant inconvenience.

(4) The customer may also claim damages for the harm suffered as a result of non-compliance of the ordered items.

114. (1) In the case of non-compliance of the customer goods with the contract of sale and when the customer is not satisfied with the resolution of the complaint under Art. 113, he has the right to choose between one of the following options:

1. Cancellation of the contract and reimbursement of the amount paid by him/her;   

2. To claim the reduction of the price

(2) The customer can not claim reimbursement of the amount paid or to reduce the price of the goods when the seller agrees to replace the customer goods with a new one or to repair the goods within one month of the consumer's claim.

(3) The customer can not claim to terminate the contract if the nonconformity of the customer goods with the contract is insignificant.

Art. 115. (1) The consumer may use his right in this section within two years from the delivery of the consumer goods.

(2) The term under par. 1 will not running through the time required to repair or replace consumer goods or to reach an agreement between the seller and the customer to resolve the dispute.

(3) The customer right at  par. 1 is not bound by any other term for claiming  other than the term under par. 1. 

 Art. 116. The seller responsible for the non-compliance of the consumer goods is entitled to claim compensation for the damage caused by person who claim the non-compliance if he is in direct or indirect contractual relation with him and against the manufacturer when he is responsible for the non-conformity of the goods. Any clause in a contract that restricts or excludes these seller's rights is null and void.


Art. 117. (1) A commercial guarantee is any obligation assumed by the seller or the producer to the customer to repay the price paid for the consumer goods, to replace or repair the goods or to take care of it without incurring any costs to the customer, where the customer product does not meet the conditions wriтten/displayed in the application for a commercial guarantee or in the advertisement related to it.

(2) The commercial guarantee is binding on the one who grants it, in accordance with the conditions set out in the application for commercial guarantee and in the advertisement for it.



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