Protector Set Soy Luna Series Disney for Skate Riding by SFR

39,90 лв. 29,00 лв.
  • Brand: Tempish
  • Cat No: 256

Kids protection set Soy Luna Disney by SFR. These colorful protectors will protect your child from a bunch of possible injuries while riding skates, quad roller skates, skatebord or bicycle. Multi-functional protection for keens, elbows and wrist quards with impact caps, soft lining and backing socks for extra comfort. The set coming with amazing and attention-grabbing designs.


The protectors can be used in any sporting acctivitie the smart advantage is that one size can fit well for different ages, making purchase even more exciting. Available colors for sunny girls and modern boys.



  • Strong reinforced plastic that protects body from injuries
  • Comfortable and reliable Velcro fastener straps that are specially designed so that they do not squeeze, injure and create driving discomfort as is the case with conventional treadmills
  • A specially reinforced palm area that protects your hand from ejection and fracture
  • Color designs fits perfectly with all models roller skates  by SFR and Tempish
  • Recommended use:  advanced and beginner riders
  • In the set: protectors for knees, elbows and wrist quard - 6 pics, comfortable, beautiful and stylish drawstring mesh suitable for transport and storage
  • Easy insertion and removal of each protector






 Color designs:

  • White with pink lining and colorful fastening strap 
  • Tropical Pink with colorful fastening strap 
  • Black  with colorful fastening strap  



How to choose the right size?

  • S  - if your child is 3-5 years
  • М - if your child is 5-8 years
  • L -  if your child is 8-11 years


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