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The latest book about Pirin - "Pirin - Guide" by Nikolai Dautov is already on the market. It comes for  all lovers of the mountain and especially of Pirin mountain.The book is for anyone who likes to plan, experiment and discover new routes or just go through those that have already passed.

The Pirin Guide is one of those books that are always useful and should be with you when planning your accurate mountain movement.


 Пирин пътеводител | Профил

What you will find in the book:

  • 100% detailed description ofhuts, chalets and shelters as well as markings and important branches and landmarks.
  • Specific descriptions of all major, as well as  not so popular tourist and trekking routes.
  • Information about the time required to pass.
  • The type and color of the marks.
  • Ascent  and descent to be overcome.
  • Useful details of each track and trail.
  • 33 color topographic maps
  • 42 graphical profiles of major routes
  • Note - the book is available only in Bulgarian language


Топографска карта от Пирин-Пътеводител




Пирин - пътеводител | Varrio SportIn addition, there are also information and facts about:

  • Huts and shelters in the mountain
  • Rich information base for the settlements and the towns connected with Pirin and the region
  • Their history, geographical features and landmarks
    "Pirin - Travel Guide" gives information about the most interesting places and sights in them (museums, temples, monuments, century-old trees, interesting buildings, etc.).
  • Alot of beautiful photos of the mountain and certain landmarks.



What is different?

  • Innovative route profiles without analogy in other similar guides..
  • Included maps are 1:50 000 scale and are specially adapted by BGMountains.
  • For more convenience, the routes are divided into stages
  • Areas where two routes cross over are listed in the descriptions and can be combined
  • For easier orientation, each route is numbered, detailed, and mapped to a separate profile.
  • For each route, information is provided about which of the attached profiles and maps can be used during the transition.



 Пирин Пътеводител   If you love Pirin, this book is for you. In addition to the practical information, you will also find information on the geographical location of the Pirin Mountains, the climate and the waters, the boundaries and the division  and the ecology in Pirin.







 Пирин, връх КутелоWhy should you have a Pirin Guide?

  • This guide, however, is different and presents Pirin in absolute details about many things you will not find in other guides.
  • Only in Pirin - Guide you will find details about routes that are not described in any other material - for example from and to the chalet "Zagaza" and "Mochara", from and to the villages of Kremen, Mosomishte and Zlatolist; routes to the fortresses of Kalyatta and Sitan kale; to the summits of Kremenski, Man and others.
  • "Pirin - Travel Guide" presents current and detailed descriptions of unmarked routes, as well as to many famous and desirable peaks, as well as to a few visited places such as: Bajova Dupka; Mount Vihren on Djamdjiev Rid; the tops of Vashilah Chikar and Todorka; The lakes of Gaza; the ridge of the ears and the guards; the ridges Bezbog, Polejan, Desilitsa and Kaymakchal; the Pleys lakes and the Suite Goli area; Desilica Circus, Vlahina Lakes; Alubint, Kamenichki, Dautov, Pirin and many more.
  • Very good stylish design and print with the highest quality.




 Николай Даутов

About the author - another reason to have this book:

As addition of its first books "Pirin-Geographical and Etiological Dictionary" (2014), "Places related to Christianity in Gotse Delchev Municipality" (2011), "Pirin Dictionary and Guidebook" (2008), the author Nikolay Dautov gives the long- experience and knowledge of the Pirin Mountains and the region. Nikolay Dautov is an author established in the scientific and mountain world. There are more articles and materials published in  magazines, books and prints.

Nikolay Dautov is one of the three contemporary Bulgarian geographers with scientific achievements in the field of Bulgarian onomastics and presented in the authoritative "Encyclopedia of Bulgarian Onomastics" (edition 2016)

As a person Nikolay is an active tourist, a mountaineer and a lover of nature. 


"Pirin - Guide" will take you along the paths and beauties of one of the most remarkable Bulgarian mountains Pirin.


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More information about the book: The newest book about Pirin Mountain

More from this author: Pirin-geographical and etymological dictionary




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